Want to Be A Digital Nomad? How to Work from Anywhere

Are you fed up with your everyday routine? Do you want to make a significant change to your lifestyle?  Do you like to travel? Becoming a digital nomad is probably the best option for you.  Let’s analyze deeply the advantages of being a digital nomad and what does this way of life consist in.


What does digital nomad refer to?

The concept of digital nomad lifestyle has been introduced quite recently.  In the past, this wasn’t possible because making money on the internet wasn’t accessible to the average person.  Basically a digital nomad travels around the world and relies on portable technology to generate income in order to sustain this lifestyle.  They set their base in a specific location for a few months and then relocate.  This way they get to explore different cultures, especially Asian countries, since accommodation costs are very low.

Why would you choose this way of living?

At some point we all get fed up with the 9 to 5 lifestyle. Doing the same thing over and over again is really frustrating and can cause major psychological issues. We all want to do something different, but we do not have the courage to make that step.  The desire to break from modern life routine can determine one to choose this path.

Obviously, this is not an option to be considered by those ones who want to be rich or who want to become doctors.  You won’t make a fortune out of working on the internet, but you will earn enough to maintain this fulfilling style of living.

What skills do you need? How would you generate income?

Internet connection is everywhere nowadays.  There is a series of jobs that can be done from anywhere and which will allow you to obtain an average salary.

Web developer/designer

You don’t need to go to the office every day to make money as a web designer or a web developer.  There are plenty of highly paid jobs on the internet that require medium programming and web designing knowledge. A computer science degree might be a plus, but you don’t necessarily need it.  Imagination is probably the aspect that matters most.

The demand is high for web designers because every firm needs a website these days.  As long as you are able to provide professional looking and functional websites, you will find projects to work on.

Freelance article writer

If you are a passionate writer, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for a freelance article writing career.  You will be given the opportunity to put your creativity to work by writing on a wide range of topics, from heath to online businesses.  Basically you will write all sorts of articles like reviews, news articles or even eBooks.

Getting started is probably the most difficult part. The most common places where you can get hired are UpWork and Elance. You need at least one year of experience in order to start earning big bucks. Therefore, do not quit your day job until you are 100% you can make a living out of writing articles.

Start an online business

Another alternative is to be your own boss.  You could open a web development online company or become a blogger. We all know that blogging can generate steady income.  A travel blog would be the best choice since you will visit all sorts of places. A lot of people are interested in reading someone else’s impressions and thoughts on travelling experiences.

However, your website should bring money before you pack your stuff and become a digital nomad.

To conclude, if you are an avid traveller and you would enjoy doing your daily job on a beach full of palm trees or in any place famous for its breathtaking landscapes, you should take into account the digital nomadic way of life.


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